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  • Rogan Josh has Persian origins, Kashmiri roots, and many adaptations. Around the world, few other Indian dishes are as popular as the Rogan Josh. Our signature ‘Kashmiri Rogan Josh Masala’ is based on the centuries old recipe from the valleys of Kashmir. Refined over time by many families, this recipe has been popularized by Sandeep, as a contestant in Master Chef Australia. The multifaceted spice notes get a vibrant makeover with the addition of the Kashmiri red chillies. The original Kashmiri Pandit recipe does not use onions, garlic or tomatoes, but even with the addition of those ingredients, you can be sure that you will always create a MasterChef worthy signature dish.

The Spice Angel-Kashmiri Rogan Josh Masala

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₹209.00Sale Price
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