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Sweet Flag is a perennial herb, semi aquatic, marshy plant with a creeping and much branched, aromatic rhizome. The rhizome is cylindrical about 19-25 mm in diameter and 10 cm long. It is light brown outside, white and spongy inside. The leaves are thick, erect and sword shape, when bruised emits strong scent. Sweet flag produces small yellow flowers on a spike. Plants rarely flower or set seed.


Indian name for Sweet Flag:

Assamese : Themeprii Hindi : Bach, Gorabach Bengali : Bach Gujarati : Gandhilovaj, Godavaj, Vekhand Kannada : Baje,Bajegda Kashmiri : Vabi Malayalam : Vayampe Marathi : Vekhand, Bariboj, Wach Urdu : Bacha Punjabi : Bacha Sanskrit : Bhadra, Bulami,vacha Tamil : Vashambu Telugu : Vadaja, Vasa

Foreign name for Sweet Flag:

English : Sweet flag,calamus root,german ginger

Sweet Flag

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