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Pepper long is the dried fruit of Piper longum which is a slender, aromatic plant with creeping jointed stems and perennial woody roots. The leaves are 5-9 cm long, 3-5 cm wide, ovate, cordate with broad rounded lobes at the base. Female spikes are cylindrical, male spikes are larger and slender. Female spikes are 1.3-2.5 cm long, 4.5 mm diameter, fruits ovoid, yellowish orange, minute, drupe and are sunk in the fleshy spike. The spike are red when ripe. 


Indian name for Pepper Long:

Assamese : Piplu, Pipal Hindi : Pipli Bengali : Piplamore (root), Pipli Gujarati : Pipli Kannada : Hippali, Hippalibali, Kuna Sindhii : Pippli Malayalam : Tippali Marathi : Pimpli Oriya : Pippoli Punjabi : Piplamul (root) Sanskrit : Pippali Tamil : Tippili, Sirimulam Telugu : Tippili, Pippuloo Urdu : Pipul

Foreign name for Pepper Long:

Chinese : Bat but Czech : Pepr dlouhy Dutch : Langwerpige peper French : Poivre long German : Langer peper Italian : Pepe lungo

Pepper Long

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