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Thyme is a hardy perennial shrub, 20-40 cm high, the dried leaves are curled, brownish green colour, 6.7 mm long, marketed in whole or ground form. The flavour is aromatic, warm and pungent. Flowers are light violet, two lipid, 5mm long, with hairy glandular calyx. The major types of thyme available in the international market are French Thyme, Spanish Thyme and American Thyme.

Indian name for Thyme:

Hindi : Banajwain Malayalam : Thottathulasi Punjabi : Marizha, Masho, Rangsbur Urdu : Hasha

Foreign name for Thyme:

Chinese : Bai li xiang Czech : Thymian Dutch : Tijn French : Thyme German : Thymian Indonesian : Timi Italian : Timo Japanese : Taimu Spanish : Tomillo


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