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Ginger of commerce is the dried underground stem of the herbaceous tropical plant grown as an annual. The whole plant is refreshingly aromatic and the underground rhizome, raw or processed, is valued as spice. Ginger is a slender perennial herb, 30-50 cm tall with palmately branched rhizome bearing leafy shoots. The leafy shoot is a pseudostem formed by leaf sheath and bears 8 to 12 distichous leaves.


Indian Name for Ginger:

Hindi : Adrak Bengali : Ada Gujarati : Adu Kannada : Shunti, Ardraka Malayalam : Inchi Marathi : Ale Oriya : Ada Punjabi : Adrak Sanskrit : Ardraka Tamil : Inji Telugu : Allamu, Sonthi Urdu : Adrak, Adhrak

Foreign Name for Ginger:

Spanish : Jengibre French : Gingembre German : Ingwer Swedish : Ingefara Arabic : Zanjabil Dutch : Gember Italian : Zenzero Portuguese : Gengibre Russian : Imbir Japanese : Shoga Chinese : Chiang


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